Tucson Comic-Con, a Blast


Samarah Peters , Freshman Liason

Me as Jerome Valeska, and Cruella De Vil

The Tucson Comic-Con was great; being able to be around a bunch of geeks dressed as cartoon, anime, and movie characters and not be judged is one of the most pleasant feelings I have ever had. The Tucson Convention Center is downtown, and you’ll normally have to park a ways away and walk. If you ever get lost, you can just follow the groups of people in the weird costumes.

Comic-cons are places to dress up, get comics, find action figures, posters, wacky costumes, and see famous people (sometimes), but mostly just to be around people who enjoy the things you like; it’s like a second family. One of the people who made my day was a male Cruella De Vil – he was really sweet and just fun. Cruella was amazing.

R2D2 was zooming around the grounds, beeping at people and talking to us! No one understood what he was saying, but the Groot and Rocket that were there should have. Famous painters for the Marvel and DC comics were there, and if you bought a poster, you’d get his free signature!

Even though they are expensive, I recommend going to a Comic-Con at least once. In the end, it’s worth it.