Sahuaro Welcomes Back Ms. Gantt!


Samarah Peters , Freshman Liason

Biology without Ms. Gantt was un-bear-able, but she has finally returned to Sahauro.

Ms. Gantt, the teacher with the most seniority – 34 years! – suffered an incident during her trip to Alaska, but is now recovering. On July 28, Ms. Gantt was getting off a boat and onto a dock, when she slipped and fell, breaking her leg. Luckily, a sheriff was there to help her. Despite this, the thing that scared her the most during her trip, was the Mama brown bear with her babies. The sheriff gestured for the playful cubs to follow after the mother, keeping them away from Ms. Gantt.

After she was helped up, Ms. Gantt traveled across four planes in order to get back to Tucson so she could have a necessary surgery on her leg. The doctors said that she had ripped off her tendon. Due to her leg’s now poor shape, she had metal plates put into her knee. To keep her leg in shape, she goes to Physical Therapy and adds 20% of her weight to the leg every week. Besides that, Ms. Gantt wants to go back to Alaska in July or September. When asked how she felt about all of this, her response was “Miss the bears.”  If you walk by her classroom, be sure to step in and say hello!