When Student Becomes Teacher – Tyler Kluck


Rhea Rohr, Editor-in-Chief

What do Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Tyler Kluck all have in common? Very little. However, they are (or were) all martial arts instructors. Senior, Tyler Kluck is a head instructor at the American Institute of Kenpo, and is also a first degree senior advanced black belt. Inspired by Chuck Norris, he has been practicing for almost nine years, starting at an after-school program at a charter school he attended; he’s loved it ever since. Tyler loves to spar and work with all of the available weapons. In February, he will be able to get the second degree senior advanced black belt, which he has worked towards for two years. “Martial arts without purpose is brutality.”

Tyler teaching a younger class

For reference, the rankings are junior white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, first degree brown, second degree brown, third degree brown, first degree black, second degree black, third degree black, senior green, first degree brown, second degree brown, third degree brown, red, red black, and first degree advanced black belt.

When Tyler was a junior green belt, he was given the chance to be a junior leader; this meant he could help with the level one instructors, who work with the young Kenpo kids (up to seven years old). When he made it into the senior classes, he was offered to be an instructor. After that, he just continued to climb the ranks. Level one instructors work with the youngest kids and help with the level twos, who do junior classes (7-14). The level three instructors, which is where Tyler is at, are in charge of running every class from ages four and up. He can let a level two instructor take over, letting him send out follow-ups if a student was absent and keep an eye on the classes. Every now and then, he also teaches the senior classes. However, his favorite is the young kids.

“It’s a lot of work,” he said. Tyler teaches classes several days a week, which keeps him very busy. However, he manages to balance school and work very efficiently, and he definitely enjoys his job. Currently, you can go to their website for a New Student Special – $27 for Two Months of Unlimited Kenpo Classes with Uniform at American Institute of Kenpo ($350 Value).  The school is located at Broadway and Kolb. They state, “Students perform a series of blocks and attacks that aim to defeat their opponents. Strength, flexibility, and coordination develop.”  Check them out at:  http://americaninstituteofkenpo.com/