Site Council Minutes 11/14/17

Site Council Minutes 11/14/17

Date: November 14, 2017 Location: Room 207 Time: 4:05 – 6:35 pm

Certified Representatives: 
Eva Lange
Matthew Barany (absent)
Ashley Depugh
Michael Halfmann
Student Representatives: Austin Molina/Katelyn Kubly
Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra
Sunshine Turner (late)
Craig Courville
Nelson Brown

Classified Representatives:
Lori Emrich
Community Representative:
Darryl Day (absent)

Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley

Call to the Audience:
Mrs. Wexler, Science teacher (Honors Chemistry), requests $1500 for funds for SARSEF (Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation). Last year, 2,000 projects were submitted (SHS had 25 submissions – the most of any TUSD school). Students receive cash prizes (8 SHS wins, including top prize of 1,000). They incur large printing and entry fees. This will be an action item at the next S.C. meeting. Science program does qualify for other activity programs adopted by the governing board on 07.01.17. Student Participation fees are $10.00.

Ms. Ribaudo, PE teacher, who is new to Sahuaro but has many years experience in TUSD, stated that the issues Sahuaro faces are a community problem, not just administration’s. She suggests SHS becomes more consistent with all teachers having sign in/sign out sheets and passes on lanyards to alleviate bathroom vandalism in addition to teachers going into student bathrooms sporadically to show a presence. She stated that PBIS needs to be “re-hit” with students and there should be discussions with them so they are part of the solution. We are a “successful school”.
Action Items:
1. Approve minutes from October 24 meeting. Mr. Brown approved, Mr. Courville seconded. 7 approved and 3 disapproved.
2. Vote to spend $2000 for stipends for Mr. Davis and Mr. Christian for Robotics team as discussed last meeting. Ten in favor, 0 opposed. They will each receive a $1000 stipend for their time and efforts.
3. Discuss and vote upon a reasonable budget for resources for Robotics team – Mrs. Turner motioned for a $2000 budget for supplies and entry fees, Mr. Brown seconded the motion. Ten voted in favor, 0 disapproved the motion. They will receive $2000 for expenditures.
4. Discuss and vote upon upgrading gym sound system and/or mounted projector for lunchroom. Mr. Estrella motioned to hold off on this for now, Mrs. Saavedra seconded the motion. Ten approved the motion, 0 disapproved.

Discussion Items:
5. Action plan to address racism and bigotry on campus – Principal Estrella asked for suggestions.
a. Mr. Halfmann recommended re-instituting an Interclub Council – all presidents of all clubs to discuss campus issues.
b. How to report hate speech on campus was discussed and it was agreed that a pilot program using the app REMIND would be initiated using StuCo and The Paper Cut. Before Thanksgiving, Mr. Estrella will set it up, inform StuCo and TPC, and decide who will monitor the reports. This will be piloted for the semester. No plan as of yet on how to educate students against hate speech and graffiti. Mr. Estrella will also send a photo of the swastikas that are being drawn around campus in an effort to ask for community assistance. Perhaps the student is drawing them on a desk, in a notebook, etc. The swastikas are very distinct.
6. Action plan to address trash on campus
a. Ms. Lange had several suggestions: 1) Limit where students eat to the cafeteria and adjacent patio. Tell the students why and if they begin to clean up after themselves, reward them with more space gained. Katelyn stated students should be told when they will receive privileges re-gained since mirrors were taken and never put back up. The suggestion was until the end of the semester, but students should never be allowed between the buildings as this is disruptive to learning. 2) Play the “Barney Clean Up Song” the last five minutes of both lunches. As a reward for proper cleanup, allow students to select clean-up songs that aren’t annoying. 3) Invite every group on campus (all sports teams, clubs, Fine Arts, etc.) to sign up for a week of “Character Counts” community service. The students sign up for an entire week, and during the last five minutes (perhaps wearing their team/club shirts), join admin in walking around with trash cans (we can have some on wheels – perhaps through donations), kindly asking students to throw away their garbage, or picking it up themselves. 4) Coaches can also play music (like the Barney Clean up Song) after games and ask athletes and spectators to chip in by throwing out trash as they exit. Mr. Estrella will discuss #3 with Mr. Cephers and Mr. Botkin to iron out details.
7. Action plan to address bathroom vandalism – First off, follow the school rules. No passes the first or last ten minutes. No passes during 4th period. Repetition is needed to enforce these rules with staff and students. Ms. Lange suggested every room has one large wooden pass (perhaps through donations or something else consistent) with room number clearly painted on it. Only students with a call slip or this pass should be walking the halls. No pass – security should escort them back to class. Have a sign in/out by every door. If vandalism occurs, or a fire alarm is pulled, there will be a record of who was out of the classroom to narrow down suspects.
8. Discussion of allocation of discretionary budget to support school’s curriculum (see Principal’s report – there was no time for discussion)
9. Copy room protocol – there was not time to discuss this, but Ms. Lange spoke to Ms. Cullop. This will be addressed in an email to staff.
Principal report
Kudos given to: Speech and Debate (Halley Hughes and Logan Smith) for 1st and 2nd placements. State Qualifiers: Girls Golf (7th place/6th year in row placing); Girls Volleyball (2nd round of State); Cross Country (Hope McDuffie); Swim (Landon Ogle, Sebastian Kanizai, Zack Sierra, Michael Kruszewski, Manny Zarate); Fall Signing Day (Abi Nash, Madi Nash, Travis Cole).
Under the P:Drive in Principal’s Report, staff may view Discipline Report and Discipline Trends.
Financial Report: Also under the same report in the P:Drive. Gifts and Donations has a balance of $20,891.40 and Civics (money procured from renting out areas of Sahuaro for public use) has a balance of $23,695.06. These funds are used more for emergency purposes; Mr. Estrella says he is stockpiling this money for a Press Box for the football stadium (which costs over $80,000). There is also a Varsity Fund with approximately $20,000 earmarked for the press box that Mr. Botkin is raising specifically for the press box. SHS receives $38,000 from the district each fiscal year for Instructional Supplies. Thus far: (all are approximations) Science $4,000; Art $6,000; Math $1,790; English $1734; Fine Arts $500; PE $200; ExEd $2,000; Copy Room $3,000; Library $165; Toner $4,000; Printing $1,600; Counseling $620; Envelopes for Report Cards $3,400; Tissue $500; PBIS $2,000; Flags $360; Copy Paper $7,000. Separate Funds go to Nursing and Custodial.
Announcements: Teacher Surveys coming up, 2nd Q Benchmarks, Winter Concert on December 13, Assembly on December 15.
Parent report
22 cases of copy paper were raised at Costco night. 2nd Best fundraiser.
Student Council report
December 8 is Winter Formal at the JCC (Winter Wonderland). The theme for the January Assembly is Space. There will be a Holiday Spirit Week the last week of school (socks, hats, sweaters, and red and white like a candy cane).
Community report – none

Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be December 12, 2017.