Daniel “Woodro” Foster: Rising Rap Star


Abi Nash

Junior Daniel Foster is a rising star in the rap industry. For a 16-year old, he has been in numerous shows. Daniel describes himself as “a very strong and pungent lyricist.” He says he can rap over any sort of beat and can effectively get his point across, describing himself as “artsy.” Daniel says that it’s hard for him to write around others as he gets too into it and struggles to contain his head motions.

“Performing is crazy. It’s getting to the point where complete strangers are paying money just to come watch me rap.” He has performed at every major venue in Tucson: The Rialto, 191 Toole, Club Congress, and The Rock. He was given the opportunity to perform in Phoenix for the Arizona Hip Hop Festival. When Daniel began the performance, there were about 50 people; when his fourth song started, the number was at least 150 people. “It was super awesome,” he said. At the end of the festival, a group of people were selected to pick their favorite act, and 77 out of 100 chose Woodro, his stage name, as an act they would like to see perform again.

Daniel says that being accepted by people while still being able to fully express himself is one of his favorite parts of being an artist. He is proud that he has “never had to be something he’s not.” Woodro goes on stage in an old t-shirt, dirty jeans, and checkered vans, and he doesn’t feel pressured to look like everyone else. “People love it,” he says. “Individuality is something that is lacking in rap right now. Everyone tries to play a character and that eliminates any sort of connection you could have made with the audience.” Foster is very passionate about his music and what he does; “Rapping is the only thing I’ve really been good at, and no one can take it away from me.” He stands strong about having his own persona on stage and never feels the need to portray someone he’s isn’t.

Comparing his sound to another rap artist, Daniel Foster recalls that Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, otherwise known as Logic, and himself were raised on the exact same music, and have a very similar “chemical makeup.” Around a year ago, Daniel dropped his second mixtape, Bloody Sunday, and  it was “the first time I sounded 100% like Woodro.” Everything else since then, he proudly states, hasn’t sounded like anyone else.

Woodro says his inspiration sprouts from “the greatest song writers ever,” which include Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Prince, Jay-Z, and David Bowie to name a few. His dad also inspires him greatly; after being a rapper in the 80’s, he can give his son constructive criticism on everything. His dad is his best friend and his business partner.

Daniel says he got into the music business after he went to a show at The Rock to watch Vince Staples. Tommy Will and EZ Goin, a former Sahuaro student, were opening. After their set, his dad approached them and said “Hey, you gotta meet my kid.” They offered him a spot on a show they were throwing the next day and it was “awesome.” He has since “surpassed them,” or at least “caught up to them” in popularity as he has become one of the “biggest acts in the city.” He has become super close friends with them, along with many of the artists he formerly saw as “untouchables.”

When being asked if he would like to further his music career, he says he couldn’t see himself doing anything besides rap with his life. He is currently working on a tour that goes to high schools around the state and performs at pep rallies. He is so excited to see where his music will take him, and feels so blessed for where it has so far. Daniel wrote down his 2017 goals, but completed them by March.

Woodro hopes that his rap will help support him financially and emotionally in 5 years. Whether it is signing to a major label or just making enough to pay the bills or even bigger than that, music was “never about the money. Regardless if rap goes my way or not, I’ll be writing verses until the day I die.”

Daniel Foster, otherwise known as Woodro, gives us insight on life as a rapper. “There are only three people that 100% have your back. Your parents and yourself, and for some people, not even their parents,” adding, “As I’ve matured as an artist and as a person, I’ve had to support myself and not care what anyone else thinks. Make the music you want, paint the picture you want, sing the songs you want. As long as you are being yourself, as corny as it sounds, you will be successful regardless of anyone’s ignorant opinion. Live for yourself and the rest will follow suit.”

Woodro is performing at The Rialto on Sunday at 8pm, December 3rd along with Sahuaro alum, Eric Dupree.  They are opening for iconic 90’s rapper, Warren G, cousin of Snoop Dogg.  See Daniel for tickets!!