Zimbabwe Authoritarian President Resigns

Zimbabwe Authoritarian President Resigns

Rhea Rohr, Editor-in-Chief

Even through a military takeover and massive public protests, Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe initially refused to resign, which caused an impeachment trial. Mugabe, age 93, ruled for a total of 37 years, so after being seen as a dictator by his country, many wanted to see him go.

As his impeachment trial neared, he decided to change his mind and resign peacefully. When the public heard of his resignation, the country broke out in celebration. For some, he will always be a hero for ending white rule in Zimbabwe, but many others claim that he was a dictator who ruined their homeland.

Citizens generally still respect him as a leader however. In fact, he and his wife, Grace, were given $10,000,000 so that they could continue to live life comfortably and a new national holiday was declared in honor of him on February 21. He is currently being succeeded by Zimbabwe’s new president, President Mnangagwa.

Source: BBC News