U of A Can’t Break Losing Streak

U of A Cant Break Losing Streak

Laura Mejia, Sports Editor

It’s a sad time for U of A sports fans. Men and Women’s basketball, and football have been on an unfortunate losing streak.

Football has lost the last 2 games against the University of Oregon and Arizona State. Against Oregon they lost 48-28 and against ASU, 42-30. Men’s Basketball has lost their last 3 games against Southern Methodist University, Purdue University and North Carolina State. Against SMU they lost 66-60, against Purdue 89-64, and against NC State, 90-84. Women’s basketball has also lost their last 3 games against California State University Northridge, Texas Christian, and Loyola Marymount. Against CSUN they lost with a score of 66-63, against TCU 68-59, and against LMU 84-70.

Its been a rough couple of weeks for U of A sports, lets see if they pick it up.

Sources: arizonawildcats.com