Holiday Spirit Week – Get Into It!


Samarah Peters, Freshman liason

So, Christmas is around the corner and why not get festive? In that case, December 18th through the 21st is going to be one jolly week.

With Monday being holiday hat and socks – you’ll be sure to look like one of Santa’s elves. Tuesday being ugly sweater day – you’ll be warm, weird, and just plain funny. (If you want an idea for the ugly sweater – put on a regular sweater and tape a mirror to it…just kidding!) For Wednesday, you wear red and white – not pink. You have to be a candy cane!!! Make sure to wear your pajamas on Thursday, and just remind yourself that you’re about to go on the polar express! You’ll be very hot later in the afternoon, so make sure to be prepared. Hope your week is great, and have one amazing holiday!