Things Your Parents Lied to You About as a Kid

Things Your Parents Lied to You About as a Kid

Rhea Rohr and Jocelyn Reeder

People lie. It’s just a hard fact that we have to deal with, but it’s even worse when it’s our parents. Whether it is the Easter Bunny or “if you make that face again, it will stay that way forever”, everyone’s parents have given them some form of trust issues. We went around the school at lunch and during conference and interviewed students about what their parents have told them as a kid that turned out to be a lie.

Unsurprisingly, the most common lie was that Santa and various other creatures (tooth fairy, Easter bunny, etc.) are real and this is exactly what sophomores, Tyshana Benson and Nicholas Filiberti told us. Senior Calvin Nguyen’s parents had a weird twist on this lie: “My mom told me Santa Claus was a turtle.”

Junior Abel Torres said his parents lied and assured him: “I was planned.”

“I was found in a dumpster,” said freshman Katana Potter.

“My parents told me that it was illegal to turn on a car light,” said junior, Lexi Valencia.

Jesus Sarabid, sophomore, told us, “My sister was the favorite. I am the favorite.”

“If you eat the black watermelon seeds, a watermelon will grow in your stomach,” said senior Gabriel Altamiral.

“Cutting up onions and putting them on your face makes your mustache grow bigger,” said senior Christopher Casto.

“If I held a guy’s hand, I’d get pregnant and that guy would die,” said senior Rasta Anderson.

Senior Cristian Dorsey told us, “My pet ran away, even though it died.” Similarly, Katilyn Lacoi, sophomore said her parents told her: “Your hamster didn’t die.”

Although they may have lied to us on a few things, we know that it was to protect us or make us laugh later in life.