Ex Cops Gets 20 Years For Murdering Walter Scott


Jasmine Varelas

On April 4th of 2015 Walter Scott was shot and killed by former officer Michael Slager after a traffic stop. At the time of the shooting, Scott was only the latest black man to be killed in a series of controversial officer-involved shootings that prompted “Black Lives Matter” protests and vigils. Now, almost two years after the shooting, Slager was sentenced to 20 years in prison. During the trial Walter Scott’s mother said, “I forgive Michael Slager. I forgive you, I pray for you, that you would repent and let Jesus come in your life.” While wiping tears from his eyes Slager mouthed, “I’m sorry.” Scott’s family also said that they “felt sorrow” for his young children that won’t have their father for 20 years.

Scott’s attorney, L. Chris Stewart, said, “Being a police officer is one of the most powerful jobs in the country, and you should be respected, but it doesn’t mean you’re above the law…the death of Walter Scott … can make the next officer think one second longer before pulling that trigger.”

After being pulled over for a broken tail light Walter Scott and Michael Slager  ended up in a vacant lot. A bystander took video of this altercation which became vital evidence to this trial. If you want to watch the video click here. During the first trial Slager was claiming that he shot Scott eight times as self defense. Slager also claimed that Scott reached for his taser and in the video, you can see Slager places his taser next to Scott’s deceased body.

This trial was a huge win for the Scott family and the Black Lives Matter community. The attorneys praised the decision, but said it was “only the beginning.”
“Yes, this is a sense of justice here,” said Justin Bamberg, an attorney and state legislator. “But the fight for justice can’t stop here, and we all owe it to ourselves and those around us to continue to fight to make the system better.” After years of protesting the murder of colored people the community is finally being heard.




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