Insidious Is Scary Good


Deartis Mason, Sports Recorder

I’m sure that almost every kid has either watched a scary movie or read one of those Goosebumps books – and let me tell you, I always got scared when I used to read those. Like many teens, I’ve grown out of reading altogether, and have moved on to movies, especially scary ones.  One of the first scary movies I ever watched was the first Insidious; I used to think it was so terrifying, but after watching this new one, I think I might have been wrong. In the new movie, there were so many scares that had me jumping out of my seat and wanting to look away, like demons popping out of nowhere. Many others claim it wasn’t scary or overly interesting, but I disagree.

The first Insidious was released on April 1st, 2011, and they’ve been making them ever since. The new one is called The Last Key, potentially because this is the last one being made.

 When I found out that the spirits were going after Elise, the one that helps the family, I was not surprised at all because if I was one of those spirits I would be mad too and would want to go after her as well. She’s the instigator, and an annoying elderly lady.  The main thing in the movie is to get rid of all of the demons that are haunting them.  Elise is the one who helps all of them get rid of all of the demons and to make their family normal again, well…normal for them.