The Thomas Fire in Southern California – You Can Help


Bethany Seal, Contributor

While the east coast is battling freezing temperatures, Southern California is recovering from their biggest wildfire yet: The Thomas Fire. The disaster has already destroyed over 280,000 acres since it started on December 4th, 2017, and a recorded 1,063 buildings have burned as of December 23rd, 2017. Strong winds and low humidity in California may explain why the fire started, but the definite reason has not been determined.

It has mainly affected the areas around Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Ventura, California. After a storm in early January, the burnt land turned into thick mud; this has resulted in dangerous mudslides in Montecito that have already killed 17 people and destroyed over 400 homes in the area. As of January 12th, firefighters confirmed that the wildfire is 100% contained, but thousands of families are still left without homes across Southern California. It is safe to say that California needs our help!

The easiest way to assist in aiding the victims of the Thomas Fire is by donating money online. The United Way is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting communities and families after crises and allowing ordinary people to give money to those who need it. The organization is using the donated money to rebuild the buildings that were destroyed by the fire, and to provide places to stay for those who lost their homes. If you’re looking to give money to the victims and help give them somewhere to stay, visit the United Way Greater Los Angeles website.

It is important that we stand with the people of Southern California during this devastating time, and do what we can to help those whose lives have changed drastically.