Lilly Sherwood- Sahuaro Gymnasts

Lilly Sherwood- Sahuaro Gymnasts

Jasmine Varelas, Editor of Opinion and A&E

Our fellow Cougar, Lilly Sherwood, senior, is a fantastic gymnast. I was so curious about it that I decided to ask her a couple questions.

Q: How long have you been doing gymnastics?

A: 15 years

Q: What caused you to you to begin this sport?

A: My friend asked me to go with her and obviously I said yes because I got to see her every Saturday. But, one day, no one came to practice except me. So I actually followed directions instead of messing around with my friend. My coach thought I was good, so she moved me up without my friend. I started actually loving gymnastics and that’s pretty much how I started.

Q:What is your favorite thing about this sport and what is your least?

A: My favorite thing about gymnastics is the rush you get when you get a new skill or nail a routine. There’s nothing like that feeling. My least favorite thing about gymnastics is how much mental strength it takes to succeed. Some skills I’d have to fight myself everyday on to get. The most frustrating is when your body is capable of doing the skill but your brain blocks you from accomplishing it.

Q:Are you planning on continuing with this sport? Will you do gymnastics in college?

A: I would have loved to do gymnastics in college but unfortunately I did not reach the level I need to be to continue as a collegiate gymnast. So, I will be retiring at the end of my season in late April.

Q:How many medal and trophies do you have?

A: Well, I honestly don’t know how many medals I have; I have a box full of them at home. As for trophies, we only get team trophies not individual ones but my club has a lot of those as well.

Q:Has this sport affected school, relationships, and just your life in general?

A: Yes, this sport has greatly affected my life in so many different ways. Gymnastics has taught me countless life lessons that shaped me into the person I’m proud to be today. This sport has taught me patience, team work, strength, grace, etc.. Gymnastics definitely made me a much better me.

Q: What do you want people to know about gymnastics?

A: I want people to know that although gymnastics is rigorously challenging, the reward of all the experiences you have are absolutely worth it.