Once a Cougar, Always a Cougar!


Amanda Mourelatos, Co-Editor of Cougart and Community Builder

A former player for our very own Coach Kruszewski, now a coach for the junior varsity team at Sahuaro, Coach Kashmere graduated in 2003 and has remained a Sahuaro Cougar ever since. Now, she stands by Coach Kruszewski’s side and is walking in her coach’s footsteps, leaving her mark on Sahuaro soccer.

“Kruszewski hasn’t changed a bit,” she says, “although, the girls’ soccer teams have become a lot more physical and the shorts have gotten shorter.” Her goals consist of making sure the girls have fun and getting a few wins in for Sahuaro, as well as wanting to learn how to “switch my brain from player mode to coach mode and better understand why these are different.” She said, “I do feel as though all three goals were achieved.” Don’t worry girls who are on the soccer team or want to be, as Coach Kash would love to return next year and “build more on the knowledge I gained this season.” Also, for anyone thinking about becoming a coach, Coach Kash said, “Don’t be afraid to try it even if you don’t have the experience. If you love the sport, you definitely have enough experience to start and you’ll gain plenty of knowledge along the way.”

Sahuaro’s Coach Kashmere started as a Cougar player and gave coaching a shot. She successfully created a loving, fun, and hard working environment for the junior varsity team. Although the season is winding down to an end, there will always be next year. Until next season, Cougars!