5 Must-Eat Foods from Around the World

5 Must-Eat Foods from Around the World

Jocelyn Reeder, Feature Editor

Are you dreaming about one day traveling around the world?  Do you also love to think about food? Here are 5 must eat foods from around the world.  Start planning!

Austria: Apfelstrudel:

Apfelstrudel or Viennese apple strudel is a close cousin to classic apple pie. Tart apple is paired with sweet pastry dough for a delicious combination. Austrians love eating these with their afternoon coffee. You can serve it with vanilla ice cream or vanilla sauce. It is made with simple dough that turns into a flaky, buttery crust.

Brazil: Pudim:

Pudim looks exactly like flan, but the Brazilian version has a softer texture. You can find this dessert in every restaurant, café, and home. It is made with eggs and sweetened condensed milk. Melted syrup runs down the sides, forming a Caramel sauce. It can also be served with cool whip and toasted coconut.

Finland: Squeaky Cheese:

Squeaky Cheese is a type of baked cheese. It is served on a piece of rye cracker or rye bread topped with Cloudberry jam. The sweeter the jam, the more you are to enjoy the cheese. In Finland, they sell Squeaky cheese pre-packaged at the store and it usually comes with a packet of water.

Tawain: Bao:

Bao is colorful, fresh, and full of flavor. It is an easy to eat Taiwanese street food. The slider is soft, white steamed buns are packed with all different kinds of flavors and textures. The white bun is stuffed with tender braised meat, pickled mustard greens, chopped peanuts, fresh coriander, and a sauce. It is usually found in Hawkers markets and pop up streets stalls.

Kerela, India: Banana Leaf Meal: 

If you love Indian food then this is the meal to try! Banana Leaf is also known as Sadhya, which means “Banquet.” The plate is an actual banana leaf that is topped with colorful and delicious vegetarian goodness. There is rice and papadum also in the meal. The vegetables consist of okra, gourd, and taro. Be sure not to wear a nice shirt cause this meal is messy.