The Senior Quote Fiasco


Rhea Rohr, Editor-in-Chief

You know how many schools give all of the seniors yearbook quotes? Pretty much all of them. You know which school doesn’t give all of the seniors yearbook quotes?


Not only are they only granted to the top 20 in the class, but they are also heavily censored. They “recommend” that the quotes be about how the top scholars got to their position, and heavily insist that future-you won’t want to be remembered by anything else.

Hey, you think that’s bad enough?

Guess again.

I mentioned that the quotes are only given to the top 20 students, right? In reality, the forms to fill out to get a yearbook quote are actually given to the top 25 students, and it’s a race to see who can turn theirs in first. This means that not even Sahuaro’s own valedictorian is guaranteed a quote. This also results in students scrambling to come up with something, rather than taking their time to write something that really inspires them.

“I think that every senior should be able to have a quote because we’ve all struggled differently through high school and everyone no doubt has something valuable to say,” says Marlee Raniere, who is currently top of the senior class.

Hopefully someday, Sahuaro can think of a better system for quotes that gives everyone the ability to express themselves in the way that they choose.