The French Riot Over…Nutella?


Bethany Seal, Contributor

Crazy riots broke out in France on Thursday, January 25th, over one thing: Nutella. Intermarché supermarkets in France went through a “Black Friday” experience when customers shoved and fought their way to the shelves to grab as many jars as they could hold. The chocolate hazelnut spread usually sells for 4.50 euros, which would be over 5 dollars in America, but despite France’s strictness about discounts, the store decided to drop the price 70%, which meant each jar costed €1.41 ($1.75). In response to this, the Nutella-lovers of France swarmed the aisles in search of the spread, raising havoc and shocking employees.

Hundreds of people waited in line at 8 in the morning, waiting for the store to open. They then “threw themselves” onto employees and literally fought each other for a jar of Nutella. One security guard recorded that “the pallet was empty after 10 minutes“. People in France were clearly very excited to not spend five dollars on a jar of their favorite chocolate spread. This chaotic event served as a lesson to French grocers to be careful when discounting popular items.