God’s Vast Resources Wants To Help Sahuaro Families

Gods Vast Resources Wants To Help Sahuaro Families

Bethany Seal, Contributor

God’s Vast Resources is willing to come to Sahuaro during parent teacher conferences on February 15th and 16th. They are a nonprofit corporation started here in Tucson by a couple, Mark and Debbie Struble, that wanted to give back to their community. They collect donations such as food and clothing to give to people who cannot afford them.  GVR owns a trailer filled with useful things to give away, which they do not make a profit from. They call this their “Mobile Resource Center”, and they take it to areas such as churches and schools in hopes of helping families who are in need of resources. Some things they can provide to families are clothes and shoes, along with food and hygiene products.

God’s Vast Resources would like to help Sahuaro families and students who are in need of items. If you feel that having GVR trailer will help you and your family, please reach out and inform the organization or Sahuaro administration. If enough students would like for GVR to come, they will bring their trailer during February parent teacher conferences. They are also looking for people who can help run the Mobile Resource Center and drivers who can deliver donations. You can go to God’s Vast Resources website here, or call the school office at (520) 731-7103.