Kirsten Weisbrod Keeps Sahuaro Peppy


Amanda Mourelatos, Community Builder and A&E Editor

Freshman Kirsten Weisbrod tried out for the Sahuaro cheer squad and landed a spot on the team as one of two freshmen, along with Leslie Andrade. Since she’s been a cheerleader for 10 years, she has quite a bit of skill and knowledge under her belt.  She said tryouts weren’t as bad as she imagined and they were “not as bad as they make it seem in the Bring It On movies”. During tryouts, Kirsten didn’t expect to make any of the cheer squads, so making varsity was like a dream come true for her. She also mentioned, “Being one of the only freshman doesn’t really intimidate me because I am pretty confident in my capabilities. Not going to lie, there have been a few times I was scared I wasn’t doing good enough for my team and my coaches.”

Kirsten told me that throughout the season, she has made many friends and created several bonds within her team which she “finds so amazing to be able to grow personally and as a whole with my teammates”. When asked what she learned this season so far, she replied, “To never look down upon yourself and to keep your head up and self expectations high because you never know what lies ahead of you. That’s what makes it even more fulfilling to me personally because I get to watch myself grow in many ways I would have never imagined myself growing or getting to do these kinds of things and that is what really motivated me most during all my years of cheer is just the feeling of excitement when I push myself. I pushed myself to believe I could do something I never thought I had the capability of doing and that lifted my confidence altogether.” With enough faith, confidence, and pep, Kirsten proved that the impossible isn’t always as impossible as it seems.