The (Celebrity) Winner Takes All


Amanda Mourelatos, Editor of A&E and Community Builder

CBS’s reality television show, Big Brother, has released an alternative version of the show that stars celebrities. Big Brother is a huge show that is about spending time in a large house with other contestants fighting for a cash prize, and having cameras and microphones capture their every move. It is incredibly popular and is going on 20 seasons. Every week, two contestants are put up by the Head of Household on what they call the “block” and a contestant is eliminated by votes from the other house guests. The last man standing takes home bragging rights and the cash prize, and the winner is determined by a jury comprised of the previously eliminated houseguests. The house guests go through a series of puzzles, games, contests, and similar events that could be the reason they are sent home or take all the power in the house. Curve balls are thrown to put a spin on the house and to spice things up. Drama arises, alliances are created, adversaries are made, cereal is eaten, relationships are broken, snakes are exposed, and stereotypes change everything.

The house guests on Celebrity Big Brother include James Marlow from Big Time Rush, Omarosa from The Apprentice and former White House political aide, Chuck Liddell or “The Iceman”, a UFC fighter, Ariadna Gutiérrez was Miss Colombia in 2014 and runner-up in Miss Universe in 2015, Brandi Glanville is a former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Keshia Knight Pulliam who was Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show, Marissa Jaret Winokur who acts on Broadway, Mark McGrath from the band Sugar Ray, Metta World Peace (yes, that is his legal name) who last played on the Lakers, Ross Matthews who hosts television shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race and Hollywood Today Live, and Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie.

So far on Celebrity Big Brother, the females have created a powerful alliance on one side of the house and the fewer males are on the other as they try to figure out a way to raise their chances of winning. James, Omarosa, and Shannon, so far, are the players who stand out the most; whether it’s for their personality or their handle on the game. Either way they have targets painted on their backs. Former Big Brother winners have had Ross and Shannons’ names in their mouths when it comes to who is making the most success so far and who has a shot at bringing home the cash. Already, there have been enemies created, such as Brandi and James. Brandi copped an attitude towards James, and he didn’t appreciate that. Also, Omarosa is one player that most are trying to keep on their good sides, considering how powerful she is and how quickly she could turn the house against one person. Keshia and Omarosa have formed a “Black Girl Magic” alliance and plan on making it all the way, together. Chuck and James, which have been friends since before the show, made the “worst alliance name ever” which is “The Celebrators”. If you’re interested, tune in to Celebrity Big Brother on CBS!