Valentine’s SHOUT OUTS

Valentines SHOUT OUTS

Cupid, God of Love and Affection

Jesus Sarabia

You’re the best brother!

Love, Jaz


Halley Hughes

You are an amazing daughter and I love sharing high school with you! Keep up the hard work- it will pay off!

Love, Mom


Kami Rodriguez

Everyday I wish to be as hopeful as a sunrise and as beautiful as a sunset so that you’d stare at me not in indifference, but in awe and wonder.

Love, your secret admirer


Sydney Goodwin

Hi baby! I’m sorry I can’t be with you today but I wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day princess. Forever and always. I love you!

Your Monkey Man, Isaiah


Leon Nguyen

I just wanna lay my head on your chest so I’m as close as it gets to your heart. We can fall apart, start over again. Nobody knows me, nobody knows one thing about me.

Love, your secret admirer