Football Paints Softball Scoreboard


Dorian Chase, News Co-Editor and Production

“It’s for the children,” Coach McKee said while painting the softball scoreboard with varsity football players, Chase Pope and Chris Lochhead. The football team is known around campus for spreading their time and generosity to helping all athletes.  They re-painted the weight room and brought in newly donated equipment, giving Sahuaro’s weight room a much-needed renovation.  This semester, McKee and his players painted the scoreboard as a means of reaching out across the fields and displaying the pride of red and blue.  The Girls’ Softball team was very grateful for this act, with one senior, Robyn Oppel, saying, “It was really generous of McKee to do that.” Another senior, Ashley Bradford, explained that “McKee has always been super supportive of Sahuaro Softball.”

The idea, put forward by Athletic Director Mr. Botkin, is to make improvements and do small projects around Sahuaro. Painting the scoreboard was the first step in the process, and it actually came at no cost to the school. McKee is not only a teacher and coach, but has another job as a painter, so the materials were graciously donated for this project. Keep an eye out for the improvements that are still to come around Sahuaro!


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