View Bug – A Photo Contest Website

View Bug - A Photo Contest Website

Amanda Mourelatos , Editor of A&E and Community Builder

This is a picture of Reagan I took one night.

ViewBug is a website my mom discovered and I’ve fallen in love with it quickly. This website is for any sort of photographers who want to compete with their photos for prizes such as backpacks, cash, and/or recognition. The contest categories vary from nighttime photos, street art, fairy lights, architecture, red hair, experimental lights, and many more. I’ve submitted various photos including one I took on a hike with my grandpa, a few I took with my friend, one of a rose, and a few others.

This website is a great opportunity to become a better photographer by picking up little tidbits from more advanced photographers. It is free, but there is the option of getting memberships, like pro and premium, which you have to pay for. Memberships give you more opportunities to submit photos to contests, be ad free, getting more awards, making your own website for free, become more exposed, add a watermark to your photos, you can submit more than 1 photo to a contest and much more. Pro members pay $6.99 per month and premium members pay $13.99 per month. With the lite, or free, membership, you can only enter contests with 1 photo, publish photos, and win a few awards.

ViewBug is a very positive environment where feedback can be provided to you and your photos. For anyone who is serious about and interested in taking photography to the next level, you should sign up for ViewBug! It’s free, fun, and beneficial for photographers of all skill-levels.