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The Colors Of Genesis

Samarah Peters, Freshman Liason

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Freshman, Genesis Moore, has been drawing cartoon characters of her own, and from shows, movies, and other genres since she was five. She started to take drawing seriously because she was in a depressed state and wanted to have a “purpose.” Her favorite thing to draw is just random characters that she makes up, sometimes giving them names and backgrounds.

“I draw alright…” Genesis said, now having an Instagram just on her drawings, @Master_of_stuff_too. Her account has not posted any drawings yet, but when she does, it’ll be done within a couple minutes to an hour depending on the details in the drawing. “I used “too” to confuse people,” said, Genesis, about her username,  obviously knowing how much that username could confuse people between ‘two,’ or ‘too.’

Her favorite food is spaghetti, making it really easy to quote one of her favorite characters, Papyrus from Undertale because he always says, “Don’t be upsetti! have some speghetii!” Cartoons, video games, and her favorite game is “team Fortress two.” She can take some drawing requests, but they will have to be in her style, and you might get them pretty fast because no-one has given her any drawing requests lately. When she draws, she uses a pencil, covering it up with pen afterwards. What is really interesting is the fact that she doesn’t need to look at a picture in order to draw it, she just draws it from her mind.

Drawing is defiantly one of the really cool traits of Genesis, if you ever want to rant about a fandom, get a cool drawing, or even make a new friend, find Genesis around!


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The Colors Of Genesis