Site Council Minutes 3/13/2018

Site Council Minutes 3/13/2018

Date: March 13, 2018      Location: Room 207  Time: 4:06-5:15 pm

Certified Representatives: 
Eva Lange
Matthew Barany
Ashley Depugh
Michael Halfmann

Student Representatives:
Austin Molina
Katelyn Kubly

Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra (absent)
Sunshine Turner (absent)
Craig Courville
Nelson Brown

Classified Representatives:
Lori Emrich (absent)
Community Representative:
Darryl Day (absent)

Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley

Call to the Audience: No speakers.

Action Items:
1. Minutes from February 13, 2018 meeting unanimously approved

Discussion Items:
2. Funding/time line for magnets for classroom doors
250 strip magnets have been purchased and are on their way. Three teachers already tested them out. School Safety already had a PO in place. Round ones were tested, but were too flat. Teachers and students will be trained on how to use them so that in case of a lock-down, classrooms can be secured without a teacher going into the hallway to lock the door. Admin still looking into purchasing belts for the hinge at the top of the door frame for other doors. Like a fold open table, the loop can be tightened to secure the door so no one can enter. Some of the hydraulics on doors make it hard to quickly shut a door – being researched how to fix this.
3. Lesson learned from rocks thrown through bottom 200 building windows
• Security response time/Emergency call buttons/What is being done to train/practice with students and teachers in case of active shooter
The number for staff to call in an emergency is 17103. This is one of two principal lines, Paula Saldutti’s chief number. Whenever she steps away from her desk, she will forward her phone to another front office staff. Issue that cannot be solved – if she is on the phone, then it will go straight to voicemail. Solution – if it’s an emergency, use the call button. Not all of the call buttons are functioning. These are being tested and will need to be fixed. When you hit the button, loud beeps go off near principal’s office. Someone must come to the intercom and ask you what the emergency is before you respond, so you can’t just start talking once you hit it.
During the thrown rocks situation during 6th period, 3 of our monitors were opening gates. Once they were called, the guard came in and immediately saw the rocks on the ground. The video did not show the complete picture. The monitor might have seemed to be walking slowly, but he already knew it was rocks – they were on the floor and there was glass all over the floor. His first response was to look for the threat, not to comfort students. Once he saw the rocks, he walked to the window to see if the culprit was still outside (the room is elevated). He immediately asked the teacher what happened and upon his return, he asked if students were okay. He then ushered them to another room. Again – first response is to secure safety, which he did. As soon as he got the call on his walkie talkie, he responded. As Superintendent Trujillo stated, as school our size should have ten security monitors, but the state will only budget us for four – an effect of being 51st.
Training – TUSD is providing additional safety training and we are working with School Safety. Before any practice drills (fire/soft/hard lockdowns/reverse drill), campus security is de-briefed and there is discussion after on what went well and what needs refinement. We are mandated to have one fire drill per month and one lock down per semester.
Important: For UNPLANNED FIRE DRILLS – if you see or smell smoke, follow protocol. If you don’t, delay leaving a couple of minutes. Someone will come on the intercom to say if it is a false alarm or not.
Also, all staff has the power to do whatever it takes to keep students and themselves safe. Assess the situation and don’t worry about procedure. Any staff can call for a lockdown. During a soft lockdown that occurs after school, assess the situation. If there is no threat, then students and faculty may leave.
Thoughts: the importance of the reverse drill and lockdowns needs to be communicated better and stressed more. Students seemed too nonchalant or did not understand the purpose.
Perhaps a video (youtube or one by StuCo) can be made to show the proper way to conduct a hard lock down and it should be added to the first few days’ lessons every school year with students.
We should practice fire drills and lockdowns: first all-staff during welcome back PD and with all students in all classes in one day, so they all know where to go.
Important Info to convey: We are most vulnerable during passing period, conference, and lunch. If there is a shooter on campus, students should know:
• If by cafeteria, go into kitchen
• If in the courtyard, security will open tunnel
• If in the front, go into auditorium
• If on a field, leave campus – jump a fence
• Use best judgment for the situation
4. Waste of resources – check before printing/allowing students to print
PLEASE be more mindful when printing. Do not print progress reports – this wastes paper! Be clear to students which printer to use, and check your printer options before you print. Students and staff have printed multiple times to another location before realizing the error. This wastes paper and toner. Perhaps submit a track-it to diminish printer options. Look for opportunities to save as more budget cuts come.
Teacher Report: Several Paper Cut articles to share with staff, students, and parents:
Sahuaro Wins Tony Komadina Award:
Staff Receives Active Shooter Training:
Alyssa Urff Wins Writing Contest

Alyssa Urff – Outspoken Writer Wins Essay Competition

Principal report – Mostly, all of the above. Especially proud of Sahuaro Athletics for winning Tony Komadina Award, all female athletes, Coach Botkin for all the leg work, and all coaches who support them. Committee members stated “not even a competition between the finalists” Sahuaro is the best!
Parent report – all above
Student Council report – Preparing for Teacher Appreciation and final Spirit Assembly and Prom. Nick’s tuxedos will be offer special deals to SHS students who purchase a tuxedo.
Community report – None

Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be April 10, 2018.