How to Go to Prom on a Budget

How to Go to Prom on a Budget

Jocelyn Reeder, Feature Editor

Prom is just around the corner, and the pre-sale for tickets has already started. Prom expenses can add up, especially if you want to go all out.  There are a bunch of different items to be prepared, items like, prom dresses (which can be up to $200), tuxedos, getting a limo, getting your nails and hair professionally done, shoes, ties, and going out to dinner are all expensive. Not to worry, here is a list of a few things to help make prom a night to remember (on a budget).

 Hair, Makeup, and more!:

Instead of going and getting spa treatments, and tans why not use face masks and homemade materials? Spa treatments and getting a tan can be expensive, instead, skip the trip to the tanning salon and use self tanner. Save the trip of having to go to a spa salon and do at home facials with friends, and going to a local cosmetology school is much cheaper than going to a salon to get your hair done, and the work is done by professionals. Find online tutorials of your favorite makeup look and practice the nights leading up to prom. Nail salons can range up to $80 just to get acrylics, but going to Target or a local store with beautiful fake press on nails can save you a lot of money, and if you only want your nails done for prom you can always take them off the next day.

Dresses, Shoes, and Tuxedos:

If you shop for dresses off-season you can get a better deal. You can also find deals on one-of-a-kind dresses at vintage/consignment shops. Get something you can dress up in for future wears. It’s better to get a dress that you can wear to more than one event, because that’s getting your money’s worth. Also, when buying shoes, get something that matches your dress/tuxedo, and make sure they are comfortable so you can wear them again. Another option is asking your family members for tuxs or dresses they don’t need anymore. For guys, you can rent a vest if you already have a band or show choir tux.

Getting to Prom and Nice places to eat:

Let family members help as much as they can. They want to be a part of your special night as well. Riding in your friend’s car is much more fun, you get the company of your closest friends and can jam out to your favorite music and it s convenient getting there at the same time. A local school or a church might let you rent a school bus. Instead of going out to eat, why not have a potluck? Restaurants can have you waiting in line for upwards of an hour because everyone is going out to eat for prom. Having dinner at your house or one of you friend’s is much easier and cheaper.

Going to prom on a budget or not, the main goal is to have fun and enjoy the night (though saving some money in the process might make that a little easier).