Liam Olauson Goes Sugar Free


Deartis Mason, Sports Recorder

Imagine a life with no sweets, in fact, no sugar at all.  Well, for the past seven months senior Liam Olauson eliminated all candy, cake, cookies, ice-cream, and everything sugary from his diet.  Why, you might ask? has been eating so sweets at all for at least seven months and he likes it. The reason why he decided to give up sugar was because he was trying other things but he kept failing and it made him frustrated and he wanted to do something to better himself.  He is very glad that he did this for himself.

Liam says that there are a lot of temptations.  For his birthday his parents bought him his favorite cake, thinking he would cave a have a slice, but as Liam says, “I’m really stubborn.”  And sometimes his parents forget that he does not eat sugar at all, so they mainly buy sugar for themselves and that’s another temptation that he has, but he thinks to himself that he tried really hard for this to happen and he does not want all this effort and hard work to go to waste.  He says that overall, his body feels much better.  he had some pains in his knees that have gone away and his energy levels are much higher without sugar crashes.  The average American consumes about 20 teaspoons of sugar a day and it has been considered the most dangerous thing you can consume.  Some scientists even claim it is as addictive as heroin and cocaine.

Liam says the worst temptations that he has is making brownies for his family because he has not tasted them for months.  Liam says that he is going to keep doing this for as long as he can.  It is impossible to eat no sugar at all, since it is found naturally in fruits, but he does not eat processed sweets like cake and honey buns and mainly stuff like that. When he told his parents that he was cutting sweets out of his life, they supported him but they told him that they would not be following his lead. Liam is the only one in his whole family that does not eat sugar at all so it’s even harder when they buy sweets that he likes and wants to eat.  Every day he has a temptation but he tells himself, “Do not give up” and he says it helps him a lot.