Positivity In The Restrooms


Samarah Peters, Freshman Liason

Recently, Student Council decided to add some art to the bathrooms.

The bathrooms are usually a bit bland and generally just unpleasant to look at, with graffiti all over the walls and stalls, but now, Cougar paw prints walk across the entrance to the bathroom, leading into large blue/red words of encouragement. For example, we have, “Make yourself a priority,” “Inhale confidence, exhale doubt,” and “A man is nothing else but what he makes of himself.”

Besides it looking really nice, it also makes up for the blank wall left after the mirrors were removed last year. I asked a couple kids what they thought of the walls, and while some said they didn’t notice, other kids say that it’s really nice!! Hopefully other areas will follow suit and add their own words of wisdom.

The hallways have been getting creative as well. The wall in the lower 100 building has a painted heart on it now, and it’s not just any heart that you would find on a Valentine’s Day card; it’s a realistic heart, which perfectly captures the science building.

Painted rocks have also been left around the courtyard in the little nooks and crannies of the school with more encouraging words. Be sure to keep you eyes open for more positivity!