Exceptional Ed Proms Cancelled by TUSD

Exceptional Ed Proms Cancelled by TUSD

Jocelyn Reeder, Feature Editor

Exceptional Education students have always had the option of having their own prom. However, this year, TUSD has decided not to have a separate prom because of the segregation of students and the district wanting to have inclusive practices.

When I talked to Mrs. Suess, Exceptional Ed Chair, she told me there was not a lot of information on the subject. When I asked her how she felt about it she replied, “I was at Santa Rita for 11 years and the nice thing about it was NJHS was the one who held the prom. I respect both sides and I also understand why they held a prom because they don’t have access to things you need for prom.”

Megan Cook has attended past proms and when asked about how she felt about the situation, she replied, “Kinda sad, I wanted to have one cause it’s my senior year and I wanted to go with my friends.”

Santa Rita’s Exceptional Ed prom has been going on for seven years. The National Society just did it for Santa Rita but expanded it to the entire city. Marana, Vail and all of Tucson was invited. Students had their own prom king and queen, it took place during the day so all could attend and everyone looked like they were having an amazing time.  It’s sad to see one more thing that students hold dear to them, cut by the district.