Taylor Kemp Explores Her Culture For Senior Project


Connor Fries, News Editor

Taylor Kemp sought to do something different for her senior project. Rather than learning a new skill, she instead decided to learn more about her culture. Taylor, along with 18 other students, visited historical black colleges and monuments around the country with a program through TUSD that only cost her 750 dollars, but gave her amazing memories. The colleges they visited along their tour were: Xavier University, Dillard University, Southern University, Jackson State University, Fisk University, Tennessee State, Alabama A and M, Alabama State, Tuskegee University, Spellman College, as well as Clark University.

Taylor was extremely excited to visit many of the colleges, particularly Fisk and Clark University. She stated, “I loved the campuses, they were all really pretty and old.” She added, “Most of the colleges are smaller too, which makes a better learning environment.” Her love of the colleges that she toured compelled her to apply to Clark, Dillard, Spellman, Fisk, Xavier and Howard. Taylor said she plans to either go to Clark or Fisk University, but hasn’t made up her mind yet. Whichever college she does choose to attend, she hopes to pursue a degree in psychology and start a successful career as a psychiatrist.

Taylor decided to do this for her senior project instead of something else because, as she said, “I wanted to attend a black college, because I can relate to the people and teachers much more than I could here,” and ” It was a wonderful experience, especially to be around people that look like you.” While on the trip, Taylor also visited historical monuments and places in black history across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Some of the places that Taylor visited that she has the best memories from were the French Quarter in Louisiana, and visiting the Civil Rights Museum in Tennessee. The Civil Rights Museum, as well as seeing MLK’s house and being able to also see where MLK was assassinated, “Showed parts of black history that isn’t shown in history books.” This inside look into history gave Taylor an opportunity to experience and learn about her culture, that she would have never been able to learn about otherwise.

When reflecting on her experience, Taylor urged others to go out and do the same thing. “I recommend it for everyone, it lets you find people like you.” and “Everyone should go and experience and see black history too. No matter who you are, it’s an eye opening experience.”

If any students are interested in participating in something like this next year, you can contact to Mr. Langford through the counseling office for more information.