Matt Brown DJs Downtown


Rhea Rohr, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, May 4, for Matt Brown-Pazmino’s senior project, he decided to book a gig at The Schoolhouse of Rock to DJ an EDM/rap show. He was preceded by The Great Citizens and Woodro, both musical artists originating from Sahuaro. The audience consisted of mostly Sahuaro students.

This was Matt’s first gig ever, although he plans on making a living out of DJing at shows, and already has his second performance lined up. He has been working at this for three years.

The overall vibe of his show was incredibly energetic, and everyone was dancing. Every few songs, several audience members began moshing as well. Matt seemed to be having plenty fun dancing to his set, with his hair constantly bouncing around.

Matt’s process initially began with a song that had a long orchestral intro that descended into “trashy” music, which he used because of the heavy drop. He then created a playlist full of songs that he wanted in the set. After listening to all of them numerous times, he arranged them in a way that flowed and sounded good. Some of the songs he edited in a program called Ableton. After the order was down, Matt set cue points for when to play each track or press buttons to change the sound. His goal was to only use songs that kept the vibe going, and avoided slow songs like the plague.

The second to last song of the night (a remix of I Fall Apart by Post Malone), he had everyone in the audience turn their phone’s flashlight on, which he videotaped for his senior project presentation. He ended the night with a mashup of Migos by Bad and Boujee and September by Earth Wind and Fire. All of the mixes were done by him.

“It’s been a good experience,” he said. “It was fun being the source of people’s headbanging”

On May 27th, he is performing in a free show at Spark Project Collective at 6pm along with several other artists. Make sure to stop by and see his show!