Amy Porter – Animal Fashion Designer


Sidney Moyers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Everyone wants to look their best when it comes to their clothing, which is probably why we’re willing to spend $60 on shoes. Deciding that the option of Gucci clothes should be inclusive for the animal kingdom, senior Amy Porter whipped out her sewing machine to make clothes for her pets for her senior project.

In total, Amy made eight outfits, one for each of her dogs, Blue and Tasha and one for each of her cats, Cub and Bear. She also made outfits for her friend Deea’s cats Petey and Molley, her rabbit Butter and her guinea pig Randy. “I made two dresses, one for Tasha and one for Petey,” Amy explained.

Amy decided on making a shirt, pants and a bandanna for Blue, a matching sweat suit for Molly, a body suit for Butter, a fancy suit for Brandy and a jacket, shirt and shorts for Cub.

She said that the animals had different reactions to the outfits and that “Blue didn’t care, Tasha didn’t care, but my cats didn’t like it. I had to cut an outfit off of Bear.”

While the outfits took quite a while to make (an entire day for some) and it wasn’t something she enjoyed as much as she was hoping, she said, “My favorite part was finishing Blue’s outfit because he looked perfect in it.” Still, she doesn’t think she’ll be a dog fashion designer anytime soon.