California’s Yosemite National Park Closed In a Blaze

California Fire

California Fire

Caleb Pendleton, Reporter

Photo from Forbes News

California’s Fires continue to blaze through the vulnerable forests of California, closing Yosemite National Forest temporarily. 14,000 fire fighters throughout the state are fighting 17 fires; one of which is being recorded as the largest fire in California’s History, the Mendocino Complex. It is located in Ukiah and Hopland California. This fire has already burnt 283,800 acres putting it above last year’s Thomas fire which burned 281,893 acres. In the last 5 days, the Mendocino Complex fire has increased in size by 80%, and has also only been contained 30% as of Wednesday August, 8th 2018.

Over 20,000 residents have been evacuated from Yosemite. Not only are firefighters there to help cease these fires, but even 2,300 people were sent by the National Guard as well as by New Zealand and Australia. Closing Yosemite Park is upsetting to many people, mainly because this national park was the top 5th most visited park in 2017, and now a majority of this park is burnt and has to recover.

Another major fire blazing in California is the Carr Fire which is recorded as California’s 12th largest fire. This fire covers 173,522 acres and this fire is 47% contained as of August 8th, 2018. It has already killed 7 people and is moving to destroy over 1,000 residential homes near Redding, which is populated with 90,000 people. This just shows how destructive these fires are. Phil Williams who is a resident in Brookstone Ranch near one of many live fires stated, “It’s all tinder and as soon as the flames hit, it’s gone. You can hear the fire coming. It truly does roar.”