Apple’s Trillion Dollar Victory


Azalia Munoz, Reporter

Apple became the 1st trillion dollar company on August 2, 2018. In the race to the trillion dollar milestone, Apple is victorious leaving Amazon to projected second place.

The journey, beginning in 1976, wasn’t an easy accomplishment – it all started with Steve Jobs and an idea. 42 years later and the company transformed into a mobile giant. In the beginning, the vision was to sell iMacs- the first model retailing for $666. As time and ideas progressed, Apple did as well, producing iPods, iPhones and other devices, completely changing the game blending the idea of an iPod and iPhone together. Over the years Apple transformed into such an innovative piece of technology, amplifying camera quality – with images as clear as professional cameras. It became a worldwide phenomenon, creating loyal customers all around the world.

With Apple surpassing the monumental mark, Amazon is likely on the way to reach the mark as well.┬áJames McQuivey, Forrester Research, wrote that he thinks “Amazon will pass Apple, mainly because consumers like Amazon better.” Other companies that could possibly also achieve this in the future are Google and Microsoft, both companies valued at around $800 billion. It is clear that as time passes, these companies will not only continue to grow and raise in value over time, but will eventually pass milestones greater than this.

In their ground-breaking 42 year span, they have managed to not only become the first trillion dollar company, but they have continued to push the boundaries of modern technology.