FIFA World Cup Results

Spoiler: France Wins!



Denise Najera, Reporter

The Fifa World Cup final match was June 15, 2018. It took place in Russia where France’s National Football team was able to win the World Cup!


Knockout phase started out great. France and Argentina kicked off the season with a close game of 4-3. France advanced to the Quarter Finals, along with Brazil who beat Mexico in the knockout phase. Also with them in the Quarter Finals were Russia, Croatia, Sweden, England, Belgium, and Uruguay.

Sad day for Uruguay as they lost 1-0 to France! Sweden and Switzerland also ended up with a 1-0 game, with Sweden moving on. Going on in the Semi-Finals was France and Belgium who played in the St. Petersburg Stadium. Belgium lost to France with the final score 1-0 taking France to play in the final game. The other Semi- Final game was between Croatia and England. England made their first goal by a ‘penalty kick’ raising up the pressure on Croatia. Croatia struck back after their break and were able to score two goals in overtime. Mandzukic made the final winning goal, allowing Croatia, for the first time ever, to play in a World Cup final!

The Final game was between France and Croatia. It took place in Russia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. France took the lead in the World Cup final but didn’t last long as Croatia also scored a goal making it 1-1. France took the lead again by scoring on a ‘penalty kick’ and then went on to make TWO more goals! Croatia made a last attempt by scoring one goal but sadly it wasn’t enough.

France National Football Team are the winners of the 2018 Fifa World Cup!