First Hall March of the Year Inspires Spirit


Jaelen Whitehead, Reporter

On Friday, Sahuaro students took to the hallways to get our Cougars riled up with a Hall March to promote the home football game against Vista Grande that took place the same night. The march was led by our band teacher, Hillary Engel, her band students, color guard members, and the cheerleaders. They went to almost every building and played many songs on their instruments (including: Band Yell, Land of 1000, etc.). The hall march lasted all period for the band kids as they try to spread school and team spirit to all of the students at Sahuaro.

Some people enjoy the hall march. Trinity Brandenburg, a junior at Sahuaro High School, said she liked it because, “It makes me feel school spirit.” Although, not everyone enjoys it. Kirsten Johnson, another junior from Sahuaro, said she didn’t like it because, “It distracts me from my work in first period.” However, if you enjoyed it or missed out on it, don’t worry there will be plenty more hall marches to come in the future!