Samantha Crowson, reporter

Hate to break it to you, but we actually have a little over 160 days, and I understand you’re disappointed but compared to a grand total of about 380 days (including the teacher walkout), it’s not that much. I’m sure we would all rather it be the “118” days that Mrs. Hurley unwittingly told us we had at the senior assembly on Tuesday August 7th.

A lot happened that hour, including a ton of mistakes, Mrs. Hurley’s day count being only one. There was a lot of info given out that day, such as how to order your cap and gown, or dates such as the senior sunrise, and non-authorized Sahuaro events, like a trip to Disney to be exact.  Although Lundstrom drummed up a fever for it, that trip is not a school funded trip and no teachers will be chaperoning it.

College counseling, is now available from your fellow students, Halley Hughes and Serenity Guerrero. For more info, a future article will be published and linked here. The senior sunrise happened on Saturday August 18th and all photos will be in the current slideshow.

Most if not all of us, remember our very first assembly here at Sahuaro, where some of us *cough cough* me, were kinda scared of Lundstrom, and the other staff, or you were recklessly immature and just ready to be outta there. Well now you are probably not scared of Lundstrom, aka Lundy, aka Pap Bear anymore, no longer immature, or rather no longer as immature, but you are definitely ready to get outta here, but hopefully not before we show our pride at our first pep-assembly!