Meet the New Counseling Office Secretary Mrs. Gloria


Nathalia Valdez , Reporter

Perhaps you’ve been to the counselor’s office at some point this year. If so, you might have met our new secretary.  Mrs. Gloria is an adventurous, funny, and nice lady. She is incredibly excited to be part of our staff and even more excited to meet all of the Sahuaro students.

Where are you from?

I am from a small town in Los Angeles, California. I moved here because my father worked for Border Patrol and he was moved to work at the Nogales Border so we all decided to move and stay together.

What other schools have you worked at and what do you miss the most about them?

I have worked at Tucson High School, Teenage Parent Program, and South West Detention Center. What I miss the most about THS, I would have to say is the community and simply seeing generations of parents and grandparents visiting and knowing each other. It just creates a good environment everyone wants to be a part of.

What do you enjoy doing with your family?

Oooh my goodness. My family and I just love to try new restaurants, no matter what kind of food it is. We are something like the adventurers of cuisine. We will try anything no matter if it’s a food truck, a fancy restaurant, or even a hot dog stand…we will be there! That’s just our way of finding time to see each other.

How do you want Sahuaro students to feel when they first walk in the office?

I definitely want them to feel welcome, and just to be themselves around me and not be shy or scared to talk to me because I am a very comfortable person to be around.

Who does your hair every day? And why does it look so amazing?

Ohh My God! I actually have the thickest hair ever. I do it all by my self, but one thing that I hate doing is curling it. I try to stay away from that.

Where have you traveled?

I have been to Hawaii, Mexico, China, but by far my favorite one was Maryland.

Why did you go to China?

I went because my mother, who is one of the founders of El Rio, went to a clinic in Bejing, China to do some sort of study, but she did not want to go alone so I went along with her.

What is your legacy? What legacy do you hope to bring to Sahuaro?

My legacy is the same as my mother’s and my daughter’s.  We all believe “We should never judge people, and I think all people have a purpose.” The legacy I want to leave with the students is that we should all be kind, understanding, and compassionate of one another.