Colorado Dad Charged for Murdering Pregnant Wife and Daughters

Colorado Dad Charged for Murdering Pregnant Wife and Daughters

Kianna Montano, Reporter

Earlier this month 2 Colorado girls and their mother were reported missing. Shanann Watts, the mother of the 2 girls, Bella Watts-4, and Celeste Watts-3 were found later, murdered. The mother’s body was found last week, August 22nd, buried under a shallow tank near an oil company where her husband worked. Investigators reported that they also found the 2 little girls’ bodies in oil tanks close to where their mother was buried. 34-year-old Shanann Watts was pregnant at the time. The father of the 2 little girls was arrested later that day.

Prior to their disappearance, Shanann and her husband Christopher Watts filed for bankruptcy of $70,000 in dept.

Christopher Watts first court appearance is on Thursday August 30th, charged with 9 felonies for murdering a child, a pregnant woman, and with 3 deceased human bodies.

The day the bodies went missing, police arrived to his home property to interview him about his family; he looked suspicious so they took him to the station to have him questioned from an investigator. Soon Christopher Watts confessed.  However, he stated that he came across his wife, strangling their daughter with the other one already dead.  He claims he killed his wife in a fury of anger and grief.