Think Twice Before Drinking or Smoking at a Young Age

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Marcela Marcial, Reporter

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In general, drinking is not good for anyone but, drinking before age 21 is even worse. Teenagers who drinks or smoke can cause terrible damage to their bodies.

According to BBC News,”Teenagers who smoke and drink alcohol” can lead to serious damage at 17, with increased risk of heart problems and blood vessels problems,”such as strokes and heart attacks” in the near future. Studies found out that teenagers who stop smoking or drinking soon can go back to normal with most likely no problems with their health.

Any type of alcohol is not safe to drink as many studies confirms. E-cigs can lead to an increased chance of smoking for teens. Teenagers are four times more likely to smoke cigarettes if they tried vaping before than those who haven’t. For 13-14 year-old teenagers in England who tried an e-cigarette, 34% out of 20 schools surveyed, “tried smoking tobacco over the year.”

Studies have noticed that smoking and drinking habits have increased at ages 13, 15 and 17.  Participants have detailed how many cigarettes they have smoked in their lifetime and what age they started to drink. Teens who smoked more than 100 cigarettes or binge drink “had a higher incidence of stiffened arteries”.

Alcohol can cause brain damage and can increase the risk of having diabetes. According to HelloDoctor, “binge-drinking much can increase your blood pressure and damage the muscles of your heart.” It can also cause having clogged arteries. Alcohol is one of the main reasons breast cancer has increased. Alcohol can make your skin really dry and not just your skin but, can also make your body dehydrated.

Smoking and drinking any type of alcohol is not the best for your heart or your body at all. The best thing that you can do is just quit smoking and drinking.



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