Sahauro Swim Team Goes Against Sabino and TV


Marcela Marcial, Reporter

On Thursday, August 30, 2018, the first “tri” swim meet against Sabino and Tanque Verde took place at Udall’s swimming pool. This is Sahauro’s biggest swim team in 40 years.  At the Fall sports meeting, Principal Estrella remarked how proud he is that so many fist time swimmers and athletes joined the team to get involved.

First time swimmers that were in the meet Thursday agreed they were “nervous for the first meet” and felt that they were going to do badly. Little did they know they did really well in their first swim meet. Swimmers who have good experience with swim really supported the first timers and encouraged them to do great. In a swim meeting, Coach Kruszewski and Coach Jenny, a married couple who co-coach both boys and girls swim teams, said that they “are really proud of everyone and that we thought it went really well.” Team members cheered for each other at the other side of the lane.

At the meet swimmers did at least 2-4 events, either being 200 medley relay, 400 free relay, 50 butterfly or freestyle, 100 or 200 freestyle, 100 butterfly and more.

Sabino and Tanque Verde did really well at the races and relays. Sabino won first place and Tanque Verde won second place by seven points. Sahuaro placed third place.