The Most Challenging Instrument to Play


Denise Najera, Reporter

Ever try to play an instrument? Not easy, is it? If you’re a child prodigy then maybe. But most people find it very challenging when you’re trying to learn how to play a new instrument. Well, try attempting to play what’s said to be the most difficult instrument to learn. The violin.

Almost everywhere you search, most websites/articles have violin at the top of the list. Not only do you have to hold the violin in perfect position when  playing, but it also lacks frets to guild your fingers on the surface. (frets are “tapes” you put on the fingerboard of the instrument, usually for beginners, that say which & where the notes are on your instrument).

Personally, I can agree! Trying to master the violin is not an easy task. I’ve been playing since 3rd grade, that’s eight years and I still find myself having a really hard time trying to play it. It requires so much precision to make the perfect tone and lots of focus. Also you must practice daily if you really want to become a master at the instrument, which can be very difficult for people because our days are so preoccupied with other things.  Who’s gonna make time for something you can barely play?

I also agree that the most difficult thing about it is holding the perfect position. There is a certain way you have to have your wrist. It has to be straight. Teachers are always telling me, “We’re holding a violin, not a pizza box!” It just has to be right or you’re going to have a hard time trying to place your fingers because you won’t be able to reach.

Also, you have to hold up the instrument mostly with your chin, which can be very uncomfortable. Holding that up with your chin for long periods of time? No thanks. Although, I do find it all worth it when I actually get to playing the violin. The sound this instrument can create is just amazing. I find myself wanting to be just like the people who can play perfectly. I want to be able to create the amazing music these professionals make.

The violin. In my opinion (and most of the websites on the internet) think that the violin is the most challenging instrument to play.