Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers Found After 13 Years


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In The Wizard of Oz, the slippers that Judy Garland, the actor who played Dorothy, was stolen in August 2005. About 13 years ago.

There were three ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in 1939, but one pair of the slippers were stolen by a thief who broke through a window from a museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 2005.

Until a little after the news of the lost ruby slipper went around “an anonymous donor once offered a $1m (£775,000) reward for the stolen pair’s whereabouts and the thief’s name.”

A documentary about the stolen slippers, called Who Stole The Ruby Slippers? was released in 2015.

From Goggle Images

According to Hollywood Reporter The shoes are covered in about 2,300 sequins. The book the movie was adapted from had silver shoes, not red.  The reason why the slippers are red is because film was a new big thing back in the day and MGM Studios wanted to “show off new Technicolor film techniques.” A museum called Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History raised $300,000 to replace the slippers.

The slippers were found by the police and the investigation stills continues. Nothing has been said about the situation on how the slippers were found or where its at now.