High School Students Do Not Appreciate The Princess Bride Nearly Enough


Emma Walrath

The Princess Bride is the greatest movie of all time and high school students need to appreciate it much more!

Movies are meant to be funny and energetic and entertaining. Over all, The Princess Bride is all of these things and more. The story line is rich and the dialogue is even better.  Even though it came out in 1987, that’s what makes it a classic. The characters are not the most serious but they do have relatable back stories and at the end, you want to hang out with them. 

The movie’s story line has absolutely aged well. The fire swamp is thrilling and Wesley’s paralysis is so hilarious! You really relate to the kid being read the story to by his grandpa when he says, “Who gets Humperdinck?!”  The story is engaging and fun to watch.

The characters are amazing too. Wesley is so sassy and smooth, Fezzinic is such a lovable gentle giant, Inigo Montoya is fiery and revenge-seeking, while at the same time he is still kind and Buttercup is so beautiful and takes a new spin on the damsel in distress.

The playful banter between these lovable characters created the massive quote-ability of the film!

The first scene gave the world the line “as you wish”, which isn’t necessarily funny – it just feels like it is universally known that it should be said like Wesley says to Buttercup.

“Inconceivable!” is read in Vizzini’s annoying accent and voice, and a true fan follows it with Inigo Montoya’s response, “I do not think that…uh…means what you think it means.”

The quote, “Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father! Prepare to die!” seems to be known by every person I talk to about this movie.

Those are just a few of the most iconic lines ever, let alone from this movie which has much more.

This isn’t the most popular movie for high school students but it absolutely should be. High School students love retro things, and the 80’s are coming back around in clothes and in music. This movie is still actually funny and interesting today. It has action, adventure, comedy, romance, it has it all! When I asked, only 35% of high school students had seen the movie. This is an absolute tragedy! It needs to be seen so that the quotes can be understood but it is just genuinely good film  to watch with friends or on a rainy day. It doesn’t require too much thinking, it is just funny and enjoyable without the stress other movies have with them.

Some people may say that makes a film childish or boring and maybe it is a little bit childish, but that’s part of what makes it so good.

I believe that anyone who says that they are a movie buff needs to know this movie. Therefore high school students, please, go out and buy this movie with Amazon or buy it on YouTube, I promise it will be worth it!