Got Class Spirit?

Got Class Spirit?

Alyssa Urff, Reporter

Christopher Gause, a junior at Sahuaro High School, is repping 2020 class spirit with custom shoes that he made himself. Chris made them in honor of graduating next year. He wanted to show school spirit through his art. 

He started with purchasing a pair of white Vans Slip-On Skate Shoes.  These shoes have a canvas material that’s great for designing and customizing. Chris says that Vans Slip-On’s are his favorite shoes to wear or buy. “They go with a lot of different outfits because there are so many different types of them. They are also trendy and a lot of other kids wear them.”

However, Chris wanted to make them his own.

From Michael’s, he bought  red and blue spray paint, painters tape, lettered stickers, and a paint sealing spray. Chris said, “While making the shoes, it was difficult to keep the colors and lettering from mixing or running.”

This was the first time Chris had ever made or customized slip-on Vans before. He wanted the first pair to be something unique that represented his love for Sahuaro.

Chris said that the most difficult part was taping off parts of the shoe and waiting for it to dry. The whole process took him about 4 hours.

Chris is an involved Sahuaro Cougar who has been on the swim team and played guitar since freshman year. His swimming events include the 500 meter and 100 meter swims.

He hopes that this isn’t his last pair of shoes as he plans on making more in the future. Chris appreciates all the love that he’s received and enjoys being a spirited Cougar.