Why Spider-Man PS4 May Be One Of The Greatest Spider-Man Games To Date (Non-Spoilers)

Why Spider-Man PS4 May Be One Of The Greatest Spider-Man Games To Date (Non-Spoilers)

Jaelen Whitehead, Reporter

Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 was just recently released on Friday, September 7, and it may just be one of the greatest Spider-Man experiences next to Sam Raimi’s movie tie-in game, Spider-Man 2 (2004). Don’t worry, I won’t spoil any of the main story for those of you who haven’t played the game yet. Here are 5 main reason’s why I think Spider-Man for the PS4 may be one of the greatest Spider-Man experiences to date:

The Web-Swinging

For many previous Spider-Man games, the web-swinging didn’t feel right (except for Spider-Man 2). In this game however, the web-swinging feels completely natural and is momentum based, much like Spider-Man 2’s web-swinging but with some improvements. Since Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for 8 years now, he knows his way around New York City, so hitting the sides of buildings won’t slow you down. Instead, they’ll keep the momentum by running up or to the side of the buildings. Web-swinging at times can feel therapeutic as you swing past the skyscrapers at very fast speeds. Believe me when I say that this is the web-swinging that fans have been waiting for.

Spider-Man’s Alter Ego Also Gets Some Spotlight

Spider-Man wouldn’t be as memorable if it wasn’t for his alter ego, Peter Parker. Fans like Peter Parker because people can relate to his character. He’s has problems with bills, relationships, and he can be awkward at times. Many Spider-Man games seem to only focus on the Spider-Man side, but luckily in this game, you can also play as Peter Parker and experience what’s going on in his personal life. In the main story, you see Peter Parker almost as much as you see Spider-Man. Unfortunately, you can only free roam as Peter Parker in a few places like the F.E.A.S.T. center and at his job at the lab, but, at least we have the option to.

New York City

Even though Spider-Man is a cool character, he would be nothing without the city he protects. New York City is huge in this game and you can explore all of Manhattan. There are a lot of landmarks in this game’s version of New York City. There are some landmarks that actually exist (Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, etc.) and there are some that only exist in the marvel universe (Avengers Tower, The Sanctum Sanctorum, Nelson and Murdock; Attorneys at Law building). Spider-Man can interact with civilians and vice versa. Spider-Man can give people high fives and take selfies with the civilians. There is a lot of stuff you can do in NYC other than the story, like fight random crimes, do side missions, complete certain challenges, find backpacks from when Peter was in high school, etc.

3 Playable Characters

Spider-Man isn’t the only playable character in this game. You can also play as Spider-Man’s love interest, Mary Jane Watson, and a teenage boy named, Miles Morales (who is an iconic character in the Spider-Man mythos). However, you can only play as them in stealth missions or when the story has you walk in the city as one of them, which is kinda sad, but it’s still cool that the game lets you do that.

The Unlockable Suits

There are 28 unlockable costumes in this game. You can unlock these suits by getting tokens to craft them. You can get these tokens by doing various tasks around NYC. You get tokens from stopping random crimes, going to research stations, finding backpacks, taking pictures of famous landmarks, etc. There are a lot of suits from the comics and movies and they look really good in the game. Each suit has a thing called a suit power. Suit powers are power ups that help you in combat. For example, the advanced suit, the suit that is on the cover of the game and made by the developers, has a suit power called Battle Focus that makes you earn your focus meter faster, (focus meter helps you heal and can let you do awesome finishers on your enemies). You can also mix and match different suit powers and you can any suit power you unlocked with any suit you unlocked.

This game is a must buy for Spider-Man fans. This is the game that the fans have been asking for. There are some glitches in this game but they’re not really game breaking and there are some cliches in the story, but you’ll have so much fun playing this game, that you won’t even care about it. In my personal opinion, I give this game a 9 out of 10. Swinging in New York City is fun and the story is enjoyable. I think that everybody should try this game, even if you know nothing about Spider-Man.