Fine Arts Miscreants Strike Again!


Alyssa Urff, Sahuaro News Editor

The Fine Arts building has had plenty of vandals that take advantage of the fine arts facilities, students, and faculty over the years. The morning of October 2nd, during conference, was yet another day that they continued their tyrannical reign.

Cello bow-holder

The vandals removed the tension screws out of 5 cello bows, leaving them stringy and open to being stepped on or destroyed . The first period orchestra class, the class that initially noticed the mess, had thought the screws were stolen or disposed of. It turned out that they were actually inserted into one of the cellos left to rattle around. Additionally, the cello-bow-holder had the wooden dowels ripped out and stolen. Finally, the strings of a student’s cello were torn out and left on the floor.

The “green room”, located towards the entrance of the Fine Arts building, has many instruments and tools for the multiple music classes. Guitars, cellos, double basses, cello/bass bows, and other accessories stay in the green room with regular access from the Fine Arts students during class hours.

Access to the green room during first or second lunch was strictly prohibited. Now the room has even more restrictions after the vandalism; students may now only enter the room if they are getting materials for their class. Some FA students used the green room as a quiet place to study or read before school, but that privilege is now being stripped since the facility is being abused. Students are also not allowed in the auditorium or foyer before school, during lunch, and after.

Sahuaro’s Fine Arts program, including orchestra, band, choir, guitar, and drama, are something that the Cougars are very fortunate to have. Other high schools struggle to acquire enough instruments, raise funds, keep/find teachers, or get a musical class approved.

While this wasn’t the worst vandalism that Sahuaro has seen, it is significant because of the persistent, troubling, and aggravating nature.┬áThe fine arts family is very strong and is determined to find the people/person responsible.

If you have any information please contact any of the Fine Arts teachers or Sahuaro administration.

photo taken in green room