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Q&A With Four Math Teachers

Samantha Valdez

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Q: What is the difference between math and meth?

A: One can make your life miserable and the other is a dangerous drug!

But seriously…Sahuaro is lucky to have math teachers who know their stuff.  The Paper Cut caught up with four math teachers for a little Q&A session.  They were: Mr. Davis, Mrs. Goodenow, Mr. Cutler, and Mrs. Stedmen. All of them have met interesting people, along with having important and diverse viewpoints of school, life, entertainment.

Write your memoir (your life story) in exactly SIX words (No limits on punctuation) 

Mr. Davis: “Hard work and determination paid off!”

Mrs. Stedman: “Too much, too little, too late.”

Mr. Cutler: “He did many different things.” (Not quite six words Mr. Cutler 🙂

Mrs. Goodenow: “Life really does come full circle.”

What is one childish thing that you still do, that you did as a kid? 

Mr. Davis: “Go to Disneyland!” (Mr. Davis gets it.)

Mrs. Stedmen: “Swim.”

Mr. Cutler: “Watch ‘comic book’ movies and TV shows.” (Wow)

Mrs. Goodenow: “I still play hide and seek or tag.” (Okay this is a big WOW)

What is the oddest thing you’ve ever eaten and where? 

Mr. Davis: “Raw Oysters in San Diego.” (Ew)

Mrs. Stedmen: “Buffalo in North Dakota.”

Mr. Cutler: “Escargot (snails) on a Mediterranean Cruise.” (Double Ew)

Mrs. Goodenow: “Crickets, at a bug fair.” ( I have no words besides EWWWWWWWWW)

What is a crazy, silly, or fun skill that you have?”

Mr.Davis: “I like to water ski.”

Mrs. Stedmen: “Quilting.” (That’s interesting)

Mr. Cutler: “Scuba diving assistant instructor.” (Where in Tucson is there water for you to go scuba diving Mr. Cutler??? We need answers!!!)

Who is the wildest most memorable person you’ve ever met? 

Mr. Davis: “Senator John McCain.” (RIP)

Mrs. Stedmen: “Miranda Sings.”

Mr. Cutler: “Governor Rose Mofford.”

Mrs. Goodenow: (Well she left this one blank, so I guess she has yet to meet someone super memorable!)

Palancar Reef, Cozumel, Mexico

Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been?

Mr. Davis: “St. Tropez, France.”

Mrs. Stedmen: “Canada.”

Mr. Cutler: “Palancar Reef, Cozumel, Mexico.”

Mrs. Goodenow: “Mackinac Island.”

If you could go back to teenage you, what advice would you give yourself?

Mr. Davis: “Go to Medical or Law School.”

Mrs. Stedmen: “SLOW DOWN!”

Mr. Cutler: “Stay in school and save more.”

Mrs. Goodenow: “Join up more. Take choir instead of the AP class. Have more fun.”

If you got a free concert ticket to any concert, who would you choose and what song would you definitely be singing along with?

Mr. Davis: “Sir Paul M’Cartney- Back in the USSR.”

Mrs. Stedmen: “Queen- We will rock you!!”

Mr. Cutler: “Celine Dion- but I don’t know sign language.”  (Haha Mr. Cutler very funny…we get the joke!)

Mrs. Goodenow: “Teegan and Sara, ‘I know I know I know’.”

What is one thing you would like your students to know about you?

Mr. Davis: “I have enjoyed hearing from students who have gone on to success in their lives.”

Mrs. Stedmen: “I am a  good listener.”

Mr. Cutler: “I truly want them to be successful in life.”

Mrs. Goodenow: “If you have a question, please ask. I am here to help you succeed.”

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About the Writer
Samantha Valdez, Opinion Editor

Samantha Valdez is a junior at Sahuaro High School and this is her second year in The Paper Cut. She absolutely loves all animals, especially horses....

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