How to Get Your Grades Up

How to Get Your Grades Up

Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

School can be boring…very boring…just like this article will be to slackers who don’t want to get it together and raise their grades. We’re six weeks into school and grades are beginning to fall dramatically (well…at least for some of us), so here are some tips for better grades, because grades matter a lot when you look back at them.

Use your resources!!

Many Sahuaro teachers have websites where all of their given assignments can be found.  Your teacher might be one of them to ask! Talking to your teachers is a really good way of knowing what work they’re willing to accept late and if extra credit is available.


Is your phone distracting you from your work? Turn those notifications off and work! If social media is distracting you more than anything else on your phone, Instagram has a feature that enables you to temporarily disable your account. This feature is also good for just taking a mental break. You won’t have access to your account until you re-enable through a computer and when you do, nothing will be disturbed.


For most people, all that is needed to remember certain things is to write them down. Notes become a real lifesaver, especially when you have no idea what to do on your homework. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your classmates for notes or work you may have missed.


Last but not least, organize! Whether it being time or materials, organization is key to getting stuff done. Use your time wisely. Conference period is every Tuesday and Thursday and is the best time to talk to your teachers about your grades. Organization of materials is important because you will have nothing to take notes or do anything when you finally feel like working.