SARSEF is the Most Fun Way To Get Involved with Science


Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

SARSEF is Southern Arizona’s science fair competition. You can win money or prizes, or go to the international science fair. This is also an opportunity to spice up a resume or a college application.

The process begins with an idea and there are so many you can choose from! The club mentors on how to be approved to do your project. You then begin to test your project and by being in the club, you have the support to have the resources you need. Later you will create a conclusion and the club can show you how to make the graphs needed. You also can print out a very professional looking poster that turns out beautiful!

 The SARSEF club at Sahuaro is here to provide all the support you need. When asked why students should join the SARSEF club, Alyssa Urff, Secretary, said, “Because it is really fun, and I think competing at SARSEF is something every student should do before they graduate. Being involved with the science community keeps them up to date with new developments.”

The teacher/adviser, Mrs. Wexler, created the club for students who had done a project last year and wanted to do it again for new students. Mrs. Wexler’s, Mr. Rutherford’s, and Mrs. Goodenow’s honors classes are all required to do a SARSEF project and this club provides the support for new students from other students who have already gone.

This club is not just for students who are required to do a project either, it is for anyone!

The club meets every Friday after school for 30 minute to an hour. Go see Mrs. Wexler with any questions. This is a great way to get involved, help out, and have fun!